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The Honourable
David Crane, Q.C.

Lawsuit Resolution Specialist
Litigation Case Management
Serving South-Central Ontario and Toronto

David Samuel Crane, Q.C., Litigation Consultant

The cost of litigation can be ruinous! I am here to tell you there is a better way.

I am lawyer David Crane, Q.C. When I was a Superior Court judge, I presided over hundreds of civil and corporate litigation cases over a 21 year span. When you’ve sat on the bench for that long, you’ve seen almost every kind of litigation result.

During that time, the overhead required for a successful prosecution or defence of a case has skyrocketed. Now that I’m retired from the bench, my passion is to help eliminate the overhead associated with litigation by moving expeditiously to the identity and determination of the key issues, and by the efficient modularization of the work process.

With my guidance, we can navigate the turbulent waters of litigation and put you in control of the process and the cost.

Efficiency Reduces Legal Fees

Take Control of Litigation

Litigation may be complex, but costs can be reduced. Let my experience save you money.

In-House Litigation Consultant

In-House Litigation Consulting

I work in your best interest, helping your corporation avoid unnecessary legal fees.

Litigation Support Consultant

Litigation Support Consultation

Complex litigation requires good judgment that comes from long experience.

Chinese Commercial Court Consulting

Chinese Commercial Courts

All business deals can end up with disputes. I can help you navigate the Chinese courts.

Efficiency Reduces Legal Fees

Take Control of Litigation

The cost of lawsuits can be ruinous. There are many cases that should never go to trial. There are cases with no merit that remain in the litigation process for years for many factors, when they should really be resolved summarily.

I have seen almost everything there is to see when it comes to civil and corporate litigation. While litigation can be complex, chances are I can either help your organization avoid litigation in the first place, or I can make the litigation process proceed more efficiently and effectively. Click on the button below to establish contact.


In-House Litigation Consulting

Not every organization has a need for a full-time, in-house lawyer. My offer to businesses is simple: if you don’t have in-house counsel, then call me in when you need one. Save time and money by having top-notch litigation services available only when you need it.

Recent authority from the Supreme Court of Canada has opened a path to early access to judgment from our Courts. Creative uses of the Summary Judgment Motion can force your opponent to declare its case at the beginning of the litigation process rather than after years of costly wrangling.

Your company ceases to be directed by legal counsel under the traditional relationship. Instead, a new relationship is created in which the directions on all aspects of the litigation come from your company through the advice of your new in-house litigation counsel to ensure business decisions are always paramount.

My goal is to ensure businesses are getting the quality legal service they need at a modest price. Click below to contact me by email to arrange an initial telephone interview.

In-House Litigation Consultant
Litigation Support Consultation

Litigation Support Consultation

I have a distinct advantage of experience over even the most experienced senior counsel. Private practice in civil litigation will only give counsel from zero to maybe three trials in a year. For 25 years I represented the interests of corporate clients and the interests of personal clients.

After my appointment to the court I heard litigation cases on a daily basis. If you are involved in complex litigation, or in simple litigation that has been made complex, you need effective strategies and good judgment that long experience enables.

Sometimes counsel needs to be unstuck. My services are similar to hiring any experts; ie. accountants, valuators etc. In a situation seemingly always on the defensive, you need a new initiative, a new direction or a fresh approach to put your client in control of the process.

Let my experience work for you. I will offer suggestions to deal most effectively with any litigation case. I bring you senior counsel abilities at less than junior counsel costs. My role is to return the litigation process and its cost to the control of my clients. Click on the button below to contact me by email.

Access to China

More and more Canadian companies and entrepreneurs have commenced business dealings in China. It seems inevitable with commerce and competition, there come disputes.

The Government of China has seen the need for healthy commerce, for just, timely, reliable determination of commercial disputes under an established rule of law. Contact me should you wish to know more.

Chinese Commercial Court Consultant
David Samuel Crane, Q.C., Commercial Litigation Consultant

My Experience

  • Called to the Bar of Ontario in 1966
  • Practiced civil and criminal litigation from 1966 to 1976
  • From 1976 to 1992, practiced civil litigation as senior counsel advocating in the interests of my clients
  • 1992 – Appointed to the Ontario Court of Justice (General Division) renamed the Superior Court
  • Engaged in trials on a continuous basis of a 21 year judicial span creating an experience not to be approached by even the busiest of senior counsel
  • 2013 – Retired from the Court
  • 2013 – Returned to the practice of law

I have dealt with all manner of counsel and all manner of claims and defenses in a lifetime in civil and commercial litigation. My experience in this field is extensive. I am confident I can help your business preserve its precious capital.

Contact Me

As a retired Ontario Superior Court judge with chambers at Hamilton, Ontario, I bring decades of litigation expertise to commercial legal problems. Please fill in the form below to contact me by email. We will arrange to discuss your issue by telephone and if requested, a meeting. These initial contacts are without charge.

  • Do not send confidential information as I may be in retainer with your competition
  • Leaving a voice message or email does not create a lawyer / client relationship
  • Do not send time sensitive information before a retainer is established